Advantages of Bosheng rock wool compared to other insulation materials

Bosheng rock wool

Aluminum silicate

Glass wool

Slag wool

Product description Raw materials are composed of basalt, gabbro, bauxite, dolomite, iron ore, etc. Raw materials are mainly composed of flint clay clinker, industrial aluminum chloride, silicon powder, etc. Raw materials are composed of quartz sand, dolomite, borax and soda.    Raw materials are mainly industrial slag, such as blast furnace slag, phosphor slag and fly ash.
Recommended temperature range (℃) ≤650 600-1000 (standard type) ≤350 ≤350
Linear shrinkage (%), 650℃  ≤4.0 (650℃) ≤5.0 Melted Serious fiber shrinkage
Thickness subsidence of tube shell ≤2% ≤5% ≤5% Easy to collapse
Thermal conductivity W/mK (℃) 0.033-0.039 (25℃) 0.09-0.12 (400℃) 0.031-0.038 (25℃) 0.038-0.044 (25℃)
Compressive strength Medium Low Low Medium
Tensile strength Medium Low Medium Low
Moisture absorption 1% 4% 3% 4%
Waterproof performance Hydrophobicity ≥99% Easy to absorb water Worse Worse
Corrosion resistance Stronger Weak Stronger Weak
Safety/health/environmental protection Harmless to human health and can be degraded Fiber can be inhaled but difficult to be degraded Harmless to human health and can be degraded Harmless to human health and limit exposure dose rate of dust


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