Rock wool tube (BSP)

Bosheng rock wool tube is rolled by the mold for rock wool fiber, and cured and molded through high temperature. For the sake of easy installation, the joints are separated along the longitudinal direction of tube shell unilaterally to ensure the close combination of tube shell and pipeline. The surface thickness of tube shell can be consistent by polishing, and the hydrophobic products can be produced according to the customer requirement. The aluminum foil fiber cloth and other facing materials can be pasted on the surface of rock wool tube shell. Moreover, this product is used for the insulation of industrial pipelines and other various pipelines.


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Product code BSP120 BSP140
Nominal density(Kg/m3) 120 140
Length(mm) 1000
Thickness(mm) 25-100
Internal diameter(mm) 25-300 25-400

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