The company won the national rock wool products sampling inspection qualified enterprise title

In October 24, 2017, insulation material branch of the second annual meeting of Chinese Portland society was held in Zhejiang. The Shaoxing General Ass…

Warmly congratulate the Wushan group established 40th anniversary

In September 6, 2017, the theme of "40 years of dream Wushan towering" Wushan group has established 40th anniversary celebration held in Qin …

Notification of list of production line to be announced and meeting Rock Wool Industry

In accordance with Rock Wool Industry Access Conditions and Temporary Method for Announcement Management of Rock Wool Industry Access, the list of prod…

Discussion on development prospect of special rock wool board for sandwich board in China

The sandwich rock wool board has outstanding performance in performance characteristics: with regard to the fire protection, the rock wool is the incom…

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