Whether rock wool will cause damage to human health?

Of course not. Some organizations (such as World Health Organization (WHO)) have conducted a lot of research work on whether rock wool is carcinogenic and the result shows clearly that: “Rock wool fiber is not carcinogen. The research result is that insulation glass wool, continuous glass silk, rock wool and slag wool shall not be classified as human carcinogens (the 3rd class)”. The carcinogenic research on rock wool is well-known and these research reports are open, in addition, we have no idea about any applying restriction of rock wool for health problems. What is worth mentioning is that European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) decided to list HBCDD into substances of very high concern (SVHC) previously in order to make some foam products meet Grade B1 that the fire retardant used, HBCDD, is a PBT substance with durability, bioaccumulation and toxicant. In addition, mineral wool (including rock wool) can be excluded as harmful substances from production to installation and demolition.

아닙니다. 일부 조직(예하면 세계위생조직)에서는 락울섬유가 암을 유발하는지에 대해 대량의 연구를 진행하였고 결과는 락울섬유는 암유발 물질이 아닙니다. 연구결과에 따르면 절열 유리면, 연속 유리사, 락울 및 渣棉 등은 인류 암유발물질(제3류)에 속하지 않습니다. 락울의 암유발성 연구보고는 전부 공개되였습니다. 이밖에 건강문제에 한해서 락울은 응용제한이 없습니다. 일부 포말제품이 B1급에서 사용하는 방염제 HBCDD는 일종의 PBT물질(내구성, 생물누적성, 독성물질)이며 유럽연맹화학총서에서는 이미 오래전에  HBCDD를 특별중시가 필요한 물질(SVHC)에 넣었습니다.생산으로부터 설치와 제거까지 광물면(락울 포함)은 유해물질에서 배제됩니다.


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