Marine rock wool strip (BSS-L)

Bosheng marine insulation rock wool strip is prepared by cutting the marine rock wool board, and has excellent compressive and tensile property and very low water absorption and moisture rate.


박성선용보온락울조는 선용락울판을 절단하여 제작한 것이며 우수한 항압 및 항장성능을 가지고 있고 아주 낮은 흡수율과 흡습율을 가지고 있습니다.1

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Product code BSS-L120 BSS-L150 BSS-L180 BSS-L200
Nominal density(Kg/m3) 120 150 180 200
Size(L*W)(mm) (800-3000)*(23.5-200)
Thickness(mm) 30-150 30-100 30-150

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