Large-scale Chemical Industrial Park project

Large-scale Chemical Industrial Park project

Chemical processing has inflammability, explosiveness, poisoning, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other features, therefore, chemical processing has larger risk than other industrial sectors, so it is quite important to selection as the insulation of the piping system to convey inflammable and combustible liquid, gas, powder and their mixtures in chemical industrial park.

Bosheng rock wool tube shell has waterproofing, dampproofing, anticorrosion and other features and good chemical stability and fiber durability and long service life, which is difficult of aging and deterioration; it is Grade-A incombustible material with high strength and non-cracking in the temperature variations and vibrations.

In recent years, Bosheng Rock Wool is assigned as supplier of pipeline insulation material for domestic multiple large-scale chemical projects because the tube shell has excellent insulation performance, machining performance and fireproof performance as well as high acidity coefficient, non-corrosiveness to metal and other features.

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