Fire-proof black rock wool (BSB)

Bosheng high-temperature fire-proof black rock wool, which is a dark brown rock wool board, is characterized with high melting point (>1150℃), high fire endurance rating, strong high temperature shrinkage resistance and others, is more high-end fire-proof insulation and sound insulating material, and is usually used in the places with higher fire rating.

방수 흑락울

박성 고온방화 흑락울은 짙은 갈색의 락울판이며 용점이 높고 (>1150℃  ), 내화극한등급이 높고 항고온 수축능력이 강한 등 특점이 있으며 더욱 고급적인 방화보온방음재료이고 방화등급이 비교적 높은 장소에 사용됩니다.

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Product code BSB80 BSB120
Nominal density(Kg/m3) 40-80 90-120
Size(L*W)(mm) 1200*600
Thickness(mm) 100-150 50-100

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