Roof board (BSR)

Bosheng high-strength roof board is a rock wool product integrating thermal insulation, fire protection, sound insulation, noise reduction and other functions designed and developed for the various flexible roof waterproofing system. It has excellent compression resistance, high load, aging resistance and fire resistance; and not only can fully bear the workers' walking during the construction, repair and maintenance period, but also can guarantee that the roofing system has long and stable functions of insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction and fire protection.


박성 고강도 지붕판은 여러가지 유성 지붕방수시스템을 위해 개발된 보온단열, 방화 및 방음 등 기능을 일체화 한 락울제품입니다. 압축과 하중에 강하고 노화방지 및 내화성능을 겸비하여 공인들이 시공, 검사수리 및 보양기간에 걸어다니는 것을 완전히 보장하고 지붕시스템이 장기적이고 온정한 보온, 흡음, 방음, 방화기능을 유지하도록 합니다.

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Product code BSR140 BSR150 BSR180
Nominal density(Kg/m3) 140 150 180
Size(L*W)(mm) 1200*600
Thickness(mm) 40-100

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