Curtain wall plate (BSCW)

Bosheng fire-proof insulation rock wool board of curtain wall is an insulation product having high fire-resistant temperature and long fire-proof time tailor-made for the curtain wall system. It is suitable for the fireproofing and insulation between the curtain wall and base course wall, fire-proof sealing of gaps of pipelines of building. The flue gas obstructing capability can be strengthened after pasting the fire-proof aluminum foil on the surface.


박성 칸막이벽 방화보온락울판은 칸막이 시스템을 위해 제조된 내화온도가 높고 방화시효가 긴 보온제품입니다. 제품은 칸막이벽과 기층벽체간의 방화보온, 건축물 도관틈새의 방화봉쇄 등에 적용됩니다. 표면에 방화알루미늄박을 붙이면 연기차단능력을 가강하게 됩니다.

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Product code BSCW80 BSCW100 BSCW120
Nominal density(Kg/m3) 80 100 120
Size(L*W)(mm) 1200×600
Thickness(mm) 50-150

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